Who is iFactory?

Founded in 1992  iFactory has been a staple in the interactive content and web design community for decades. We have shaken up the design and development industry through our innovative approach to website re-design, but beyond our work, the iFactory team originally called “Interaction Factory,” is a family with members all over New England.

Our technical priorities include accessibility, SEO, and mobile optimization, and we also go beyond functionality to showcase the story and the people on our client teams. We focus above all on partnering with our clients and creating the best work possible.

The iFactory Team

iFactory is a fully-equipped web design studio in the heart of Boston. Our roughly 30-member team includes designers, developers,  strategists, information architects, producers, and content strategists. Our unique and human approach to web design leads to truly interactive websites that clients rave about. Together with our parent and sister companies, RDW and Incentric Digital, we offer digital marketing services.

We have a 90% repeat business rate, and we are often called one of the most personable design firms in our industry. Our team consists of artists, athletes, as well as crafters and musicians, who all come together and bring their unique experiences to work on amazing projects. Their different backgrounds, ages, and work processes lead to a truly unique approach to web design. Everyone, from members of our team who have been here for decades to recent hires out of school as well as undergrad students from the co-op program, brings fresh ideas to our already existing processes and culture at iFactory.



iFactory Developers at Lunch

Most of our development team works remotely, scattered throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. On top of being amazing developers, they all have their own hidden talents, passions, and projects.

Designers and IA/UX


iFactory Designer with her cat


Our designers are from all over the world, with members converging in Boston to design our projects. They fill other roles in the company and local communities, with side projects and goals. Opposite the design team, our IA/UX team keep us running. Their inventive approaches to creating solutions are what makes our work possible, not to mention fun.


Producers and Strategists


Producer, Strategist, and IA/UX designer on a Client Visit


Our producers and strategists are another group who truly break the norm when it comes to doing their job. Members vary in specialties, former experiences, passions, and skill sets. This team is able to bring the fun into work every day. From cultivating client relationships by organizing work parties and website launch events, they do it all. And whenever a new member joins the iFactory family, this team welcomes them with open arms and lovely plants.


Content Strategists and Sales


iFactory Sales Team and Strategists on our Company outing

This team is the epitome of work hard and play hard –  between sailing, hiking, and trivia nights, they do everything. Ultimately, the sales team oversees most of our inbound and outbound marketing and manages external contacts. The team can become masters on a subject in hours, finding knowledge about our industry, and sending it out to our network. Above all, they are the team that typically does initial reach out, and will probably be the first people you’ll speak with at iFactory.


Our Work

iFactory’s nearly 30-year-old portfolio has been through some major changes in web design trends, and we have been on the cutting edge through it all. We specialize in higher education and nonprofit web design, but we also have a great track record with app design and government organizations.

Some of our favorite projects in recent years have been Flagler, MassArt, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. We are incredibly proud of our work. One of our favorite things is to stay involved with the team after the project has finished.


Our Goals

We hope to share our wealth of knowledge with you, with the hope that we can be a resource on all things web design. Members of the iFactory team are experts in various subject matters and have spoken at conferences all over the country. They’ve also published papers or blogs on their specialties over the years. We want you to understand us and everything we do, and we love sharing our experiences. If you have a topic or a project that you’d love to hear more about from us, let us know in a comment below! And feel free to reach out to us on our social media properties too! микрозайм