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Promoting access to education, health, and opportunity for all.

Website accessibility services that set a new standard

We believe that website accessibility isn’t just a checkbox. It’s an essential component of genuine inclusion. 

From our architects to our writers, each member of the iFactory team is united in our commitment to accessibility. As a result, we craft web experiences that go above and beyond traditional measures. We aim to provide a seamless and enriching experience to all users, regardless of ability. 

Our values are informed by our work with groundbreaking clients like Perkins School for the Blind, Helen Keller Services, Braille Institute, and Hadley

Great accessibility intersects with great usability, ensuring all people can understand and use content in the ways most comfortable to them.


Elevating the digital experience for vision loss adaptation

When the gold-standard for website accessibility isn’t good enough, what do we do? We create a new standard.

Accessibility and quality design are not mutually exclusive. We know from experience. Working with Hadley, a visual impairment nonprofit, we created a ground-breaking, user-centric online experience for adults with vision loss.

Customizable options put users in control. They can learn adaptive skills, get helpful tips, connect with experts, and be part of a supportive community. All of this within a user-friendly interface that results in more people joining Hadley.


New students enrolled in fiscal year 2023


Increase in annual enrollment of new students

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