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Leaders in Nonprofit & Higher Education Marketing

For over 30 years, iFactory has been at the forefront of nonprofit and higher education digital marketing. Our user-centric work spans strategy, content, user experience, design, analytics, and development.

While many agencies provide digital solutions, our commitment extends beyond that. We synchronize our culture with yours, operating as true partners and integrating into your team. This collaboration enables us to craft custom solutions that serve your audience and reflect your mission, values, and aspirations.


Trusted Experience and Leadership

Creating a digital experience that engages prospective students, alumni, and other external audiences while also thrilling your internal stakeholders represents a major challenge – one that we have undertaken 500+ times. 

It requires a rigorous, collaborative process that brings strategy, education, and cultural change management to your institution. As a nonprofit and higher education marketing agency, we know that relationships can drive results. And the process matters as much as the product. 

A true redesign is 50% digital communication and 50% change management. The best strategy will not be effective if it doesn’t work for your users, your staff AND your organizational culture.

iFactory is a vital member of the RDW Group. Together, we achieve excellence in marketing and public relations. Our expertise encompasses thorough research, strategic planning, journey mapping, creative work, analytics, and more.

Work in Action

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with some incredible nonprofit and higher education institutions to expand their reach. But don’t just hear it from us. See the results for yourself.

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Aligning user experience & branding strategies


All Hands on Deck

Alen Yen

President, Creative Director

Alex McDermott


Allison McLaughlin

Front End Developer

Beth Carron

VP/Operations, Senior Producer

Cathryn Andrews

Director of Marketing

Chelsea Glenn


Cheryl Tivey

Sales Executive

Courtney Goldenshtein

Executive Producer

David Hallet

Enterprise Account Executive

Elizabeth Lowe

Strategist, Account Services

Fallon Bergstrom

Digital Producer

Jeff Greenberg

Drupal Architect

Jeremy Perkins

Director of UX and Design

Joe Pinciaro

Director of Content

Katelyn Unterborn

Content Strategist

Natasha Sporborg

Digital Producer

Pete Gaioni

VP of Strategy and Account Services

Priya Patel

IA/UX Designer

Robert Bernier

Frontend Developer

Roman Distefano

Interactive Designer

Ryan Shippy

Strategist, Account Services

Sean Sweeney

Director of Sales

Shaun Spence

SEO & Analytics Content Specialist

Stephanie Jung

Interactive Designer

Wes Fairhead

Drupal Developer

Yuliya Smilyanski

Senior IA/UX Designer


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