Market Research & Strategy

It’s more than a redesign. It’s a new opportunity for your organization.

Research. Input. Collaboration. Strategy.

Discovery forms the foundation of any successful project. And no two projects are the same.

At iFactory, we take the time to understand your project within the broader context of your organization to ensure you get the buy-in and support you need to make the site your users deserve.

Combined with insights from your team, research methods, and market research, we then develop a cohesive website digital marketing strategy to guide the rest of the project and set expectations with core stakeholders.

A true redesign is 50% digital communication and 50% change management.

Key to the success of any new website is a strong understanding of the entity and its audience, along with institutional buy-in. iFactory's comprehensive discovery phase did a great job on those fronts.


Setting the North Star

Market Research

The landscape is always changing and no two markets are the same. We’ll dive into the latest research to see how it connects with your audience.

Stakeholder Interviews

These small groups provide firsthand feedback and opportunities for deeper conversations with the core team and stakeholders.

Competitor Review

Understanding the competitive landscape is critical to knowing where growth opportunities lie — and how you stack up with the crowd.

User Surveys

We get direct feedback from relevant audiences to gather qualitative data that identifies what is working and what needs improvement.

Documentation & Analytics Review

We pore over everything from brand guidelines to strategic plans to data so we don’t miss a thing about how this project fits into the bigger picture.

Strategy Report

The marketing research and strategy report becomes the guiding plan that informs all steps in the subsequent process and aligns our team with yours. 

See how the strategy team works alongside our other disciplines to bring your vision to life. 

Manhattanville College

From challenges to triumphs: Our proven marketing strategy services

Manhattanville college graduation

Aligning user experience & branding strategies

We set out on a mission to translate the on-campus identity of Manhattanville College to their digital presence, leading to a significant boost in the next year’s enrollment.


Increase in first-generation students


Increase in commuter students

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