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How do users find and engage with your content?

Tracking users throughout your marketing funnel begins with attracting them in the first place.

First, you’ll need to understand how your audiences are interacting with your site and compare that to your institutional strategy. From there, you’ll need to put together a strategy to widen your reach to let them find all of the great services you provide.

Then begins the process of optimizing your content and your website, tracking progress, and optimizing some more. You’ll be able to check in on your analytics at any point with our real-time, user-friendly dashboards and report progress to anyone who needs to know.

Together, we’ll continue to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement so your site works as an effective conversion tool.

Following proper search engine optimization principles can help future-proof your content.

iFactory has been instrumental in keeping our SEO efforts moving in the right direction. Their work and guidance on content, and especially the technical aspects of SEO, have resulted in higher rankings and better overall SEO metrics.


Our approach to analytics & SEO services

SEO & Analytics Audit

Once we run an audit to understand your analytics, we will collaborate with your team to define custom goals and events that align with your strategy. This baseline serves as the cornerstone for allowing us to track progress moving forward.

Keyword Research

By understanding which keywords you and your competitors rank for, we’ll be able to map keywords to the most optimal pages for you. This will help you increase organic search users — the most engaged audience you can find.

SEO & Analytics Dashboards

With user-friendly, industry-leading tools such as Looker Studio and SEMRush, you’ll be able to check in on your analytics at any point with our real-time dashboards. 

Cross-Team Collaboration

We know that site tracking, analytics, and SEO don’t live in a vacuum. With our internal content, development, and design teams, we can help you create an experience that will keep users coming back for more.

See how analytics and SEO work holistically within our marketing ecosystem.


From site design, to writing, to ongoing SEO services

Three North Hennepin Community College graduates in graduation gowns

New brand. New site. New students.

North Hennepin Community College was ready to create a responsive web experience that gave their diverse audiences a true sense of the institution. After we redesigned their site, wrote 40 webpages, and launched a full SEO strategy—including keyword research and content templates—new student enrollment improved by close to 15%.


Year-over-year improvement in organic search traffic in-state


Increase in undergrad students with a previous degree

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